🎮User Guide for Linea Park

Join Genesis Testing! Hunt bugs, earn rewards!


To participate in Linea Park, you can connect your wallet and enter the Linea Park from the Landing Page, or you can directly enter the dedicated quest for GamerBoom. Here, we will use the latter entrance as an example.

Step 1: Initial Prep – Open the GamerBoom Quest and complete Linea's official Quests first. Those Quests provide essential preparation for users, including safety training and orientation to Linea's basic principles.

Step 2: Registration – Return to the GamerBoom Quest page. Follow the guide to register on the official GamerBoom website to claim your on-chain Genesis Proof. This process will require you to complete an on-chain interaction, triggering an event function for successful passage. Rest assured, this step is secure with no risks of malicious signatures.

Step 3: Minting – Visit the GmerBoom official website. Navigate to the NFT minting page, where you can mint your Genesis OAT NFT for free.

Step 4: Bonus Rewards – To join the official GamerBoom Discord, you must manually link your Discord in Layer3 profile first!!

In GamerBoom Discord, you will find additional bonus tasks that can earn you more rewards, such as Social Engagement Airdrops, Genesis Boomer NFT mint rewards, and Bug Bounty rewards.

A detailed, step-by-step breakdown tutorial as shown below, guiding you through every aspect of this process.

How to Sign Up for Genesis Proof?

  1. First make sure your URL is correct: https://app.gamerboom.org/.

  2. Next, connect your wallet when the MetaMask automatically pops up. If the wallet connection fails, disconnect the web connection in MetaMask, refresh the page, and retry.

  3. After connecting your wallet to GamerBoom, if the address is not registered, click "OK, LET’S $BOOM!" in the welcome popup. This will open MetaMask for confirmation, broadcasting a on-chain log "Me, Brave Boomer!".

  4. Afterward, a popup will guide you through registration, including email verification, setting a nickname and password, and uploading an avatar.

How to Mint NFTs?

  1. First make sure you have connected your wallet and completed the registration at https://app.gamerboom.org/.

  2. Choose the NFT section on the left side of the website.

  3. Navigate to the NFT menu on the left , then click MINT button to mint the NFT. Use slider to switch between Genesis BOOMER NFT and Genesis OAT NFT minting pages.

How to join the Genesis Testing?

Before You Begin

Prior to proceeding, please confirm that your computer has the required gaming software installed and that you are acquainted with gaming-related procedures.

If you're new to the supported games, discover installation and gameplay instructions on the official channels of supported games. Supported games in Genesis Testing:

Once testings is finished, we'll progressively introduce support for additional top games. Stay tuned for further details on our official twitter.

  • GamerBoom Client is currently only supports Windows 10 and above.

  • Make sure your computer meets the hardware and software requirements for the supported games.

Download & Installation

  1. First make sure you have connected your wallet and completed the registration at https://app.gamerboom.org/.

  2. Navigate to the first menu on the left (arrow 1), then scroll down to the download section. To Join the Genesis Testing, you must download(arrow 2) our desktop app. All registered users will be eligible for limited 500 testing slots on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. After downloading the GamerBoomInstaller.exe file, double-click to open and proceed with the installation (we recommend choosing the default installation settings).

Launch GamerBoom Client

After a successful installation, double click the GamerBoom icon to open the GamerBoom desktop client.Log in using your registered email and account password. You can also register a new account or change password.

In order to avoid disrupting the player's gaming experience, the desktop app is designed with the principle of minimalism. The main features include:

  • Checking existing GPT balance

  • Viewing and modifying avatar and username

  • Learning how to earn GPT rewards

  • Viewing rewards earned per gaming round

  • Browsing challenge task cards and claim GPT rewards

Starting the Game

Ensure the GamerBoom client is consistently active in the background, facilitating a seamless gaming experience while you effortlessly earn GPT rewards. Just focus on your game of choice.

  • Genesis Testing only supports "League of Legends". Any version of "League of Legends" from any region can participate;

  • Only supports PVP game mode, namely "Arena Default Mode";

  • During testing, only the first 3 daily game rounds qualify for GPT rewards.

GameBoom In-Game HUD

  1. The in-game HUD consists of a Scoring Sphere (arrow 1) and Task Bar (arrow 2). Both can be adjusted for convenience.

  1. Scoring Sphere: Located on the lower right, displays real-time GPT rewards from gameplay actions. It features normal and double-reward modes.

  2. Task Bar: Situated on the right side, it shows latest challenge task statuses. Press Ctrl+G for detailed challenge information.

  3. Engage in unique Betting Challenges. Initiated randomly, use Ctrl+B to bet on gameplay actions. Successful completion awards substantial GPT, while failure leads to deducted GPT.

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