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What is GamerBoom?

GamerBoom is an user-centric gaming social platform, an incentive overlay on top of Web2 games and a frictionless onboarding protocol for Web3 gaming.

We are aiming to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming with innovative gamified designs, preserving the appeal of traditional games while expanding the reach of Web3 to mainstream gamers.

What Makes Us Special?

1. The gamified incentive overlay added to popular Web2 games

2. Broad gaming compatibility with an immersive challenge system within games

3. AMM based liquidity protocol for gaming assets and prize pools

4. A model for sustainable growth and a flywheel-driven open economy

Our Mission

Our mission comprises two stages:

  1. Easy-to-Access Gaming Incentive Layer In the first stage, our GamerBoom App is at the heart of our products. By incorporating gamified designs into mainstream Web2 games, we'll create an easy-to-access gaming incentive layer that drastically reduces the barrier to introducing Web3 for users. During this stage, we'll target potential gaming audience by continuously expanding our support for a majority of mainstream Web2 games in terms of categories and number. Additionally, we'll introduce AI algorithm to improve the user experience.

  2. Open and Gamified Asset Exchange Ecosystem In the second stage, we focus on creating an open ecosystem through the Rinku Protocol. Our plan is to establish a truly player-centric, gamified decentralized asset exchange ecosystem through an open liquidity protocol. At this stage, we'll delve deeper into uncovering more dimensions of player value for assetization (including but not limited to gaming skills and social relationships), and help players trade and monetize these assets through a gamified design system.

Long Term Vision

GamerBoom is committed to creating an all-in-one gaming social ecosystem that seamlessly blends social interaction, gaming experiences, rewards, and content sharing for gamers of all kinds. We are shaping a dynamic and inclusive gaming social universe, acting as the portal to mainstream gaming culture, and cultivating a thriving gaming community, all driven by decentralized protocols. Gamersโ€™ identities, assets, and social interactions are seamlessly interconnected, verified, and tokenized within the Web3 landscape.

In the end, by helping more than 3.2 billion global active gamers transit to Web3 space, we will substantially decrease the marketing and targeting expenses for brand or product launches within Web3 realm, while enabling users to freely explore a myriad of digital virtual worlds.

GamerBoom's Client V1 is still in Optimization Phase. However, be aware that the whitepaper's content could change.

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