🤖Genesis Testing FAQ

What does GamerBoom do?

GamerBoom is an intent-centric gaming social platform designed for the digital-native generation, blending the best of Web2 gaming with the possibilities of Web3. We are aiming to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming with innovative gamified designs, preserving the appeal of traditional games while expanding the reach of Web3 to mainstream gamers.

What is Genesis Testing with Linea?

Consensys' zkEVM L2 network, Linea, is an essential partner for us. In support of the Linea Park: Social & Gaming Voyage event, we've taken a daring step by releasing an early version of our product, a release that inevitably contains unforeseen bugs and chaos. We are on the hunt for warriors with a taste for the novel, ready to dive into a gaming product test that promises chaos but guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience. Our test is laden with opportunities, but only the truly visionary will reap the rewards. Ready for the challenge? Visit our https://app.gamerboom.org/ , sign up, and let's $BOOM together!

How to get rewards in Genesis Testing with Linea?

To get rewards, make sure to sign up first at https://app.gamerboom.org/, and then complete all kinds of tasks, including in-game tasks, engagement tasks, and BUG bounty tasks. Don't miss out, as time waits for no one. Game test qualifications are distributed based on the order of app downloads, following a first-come, first-served basis. Just 500 gaming test slots are open.

What is Genesis Boomer NFT and Genesis OAT ?

Genesis Boomer NFT, with 21,000 max supply, is an exclusive badge of honor for being an early supporter of GamerBoom. It grants you access to exciting future opportunities within the GamerBoom ecosystem. The Genesis OAT, with Infinite Supply, is non-transferrable soulbound tokens, serving as a one-time on-chain ticket for the Genesis Testing. All Genesis Boomer NFT holders will receive a reward of 40,000 GPT, while OAT holders will receive 2,000 GPT. Free Genesis Boomer NFTs will be airdropped to OAT holders in the top 50 on all leaderboards. Each user has only one chance to receive a reward, which will be based on their best ranking across all leaderboards.

What is GPT?

GPT(Gamer Points for Testing) rewards your participation in genesis testing, tracking your early support for GamerBoom. Get more points by actively testing our products and engaging with the community tasks.

How to join leaderboards?

There will be three leaderboards: Timed Run Leaderboards for Gamers, Engagement Leaderboards for Non-gamers, and the GPT Leaderboard. To join these leaderboards, participants must sign up and verify your wallet address in https://app.gamerboom.org/. The GPT Leaderboard ranks users by their total GPT balance. To qualify for the Timed Run Leaderboard, you must be among the top 500 players based on app download order, first-come, first-served. The Engagement Leaderboards target non-gamers. Completed tasks will be collected by the team and rewards distributed at the end of the Linea Park campaign.

What is Genesis Proof?

Only the bravest players dare to answer our call and participate in our genesis test. Warriors are proud to reveal their identity. If you're the courageous soul we seek, claim the Genesis Proof when signing up at https://app.gamerboom.org/. Fear not, you will be in safe hands.

What safety precautions should be taken?

Users must ensure to download our client app exclusively from the official website and avoid downloading from any unofficial sources.

Additionally, we recommend users to use the MetaMask wallet and, whenever possible, store large assets in a cold wallet that is isolated from the network.

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