🍔Architecture Overview

GamerBoom is dedicated to building more than just a gaming platform; we're building an open gaming ecosystem where gamers can thrive, innovate, and lead the charge into the new era of digital gaming. Join us as we pave the way for a future where gaming and blockchain technology are intertwined, creating a world where every player is also an investor in their digital lives.

The architecture of GamerBoom is intricately designed, comprising three essential layers:

☄ī¸ Data Mining Layer

This fundamental layer is an gamified incentive overlay layer for data mining that is built atop Web2 games. It delivers real-time tracking, reactions, and scoring for in-game player behavior. Our future plans involve incentivizing users to share their game-related social data, thereby enriching the dimensionality of our gaming data.

☄ī¸ Gaming Data Layer

In this layer, processed data shared by game players is provided to Tuning Nodes for AI Agents training. All AI Agents automatically generate a unique bonding pool based on a bonding curve. Curators select high-quality AI Agents from the Curation Market and recommend them by adding liquidity to their bonding pool. A portion of the revenue generated by AI Agents is automatically shared with Curators. Pro-curators can additionally leverage player data and AI Agent to develop applications and use cases more aligned with commercial demands, resulting in enhanced profitability.

☄ī¸ Application Layer

The Application Layer is a derivative of the gaming data layer, accommodating various use cases, including the forthcoming PVP exchanges. It uses multidimensional real-life game data for diverse purposes like advising game developers, training game AI, and formulating applications based on game behavior or mod games, along with other potential application scenarios.

In summary, we believe that gaming data holds substantial commercial value. Our goal is to establish an open ecosystem composed of gamers, professional data nodes, retail data curators, and a developer community. This collaborative platform aims to explore the untapped potential and future applications of gaming data.

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