We've crafted an evolving public roadmap for transparency. It empowers the community with informed decision-making while keeping us innovative and surprising. The roadmap is as follows:


Q4 2023

Internal Testing

  • Official website rebrand

  • Internal test of GamerBoom Client

Q1 2024

Genesis Testing

  • Official Genesis Testing

  • Expand partnership network

  • Genesis NFT sale

Q2 2024

Multi-chain Deployment & Growth Hacking

  • Esports contests & UGC sharing

  • Referral Growth Network

  • Multi-chain interoperability

Q3 2024

TGE & Ecosystem Expansion

  • Ecosystem Nodes Program

  • Token Generation Event

  • Expand into multiple markets including Japan, Korea

Q4 2024

AI & DeFi Integration

  • Token listed on more DEX/CEX

  • AI partners onboarding

  • Decentralized Curation Market


Open Ecosystem & Growth

  • 20+ games supported

  • DePIN + AI

  • Open ecosystem and growth

NOTE: The roadmap may be adjusted in the future based on project progress, so please stay tuned for updates.

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