🤖Basic FAQs

What does GamerBoom do?

At GamerBoom, we're revolutionizing the gaming culture and economy, empowering players to control their digital lives. We are aiming to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming with innovative gamified designs, preserving the appeal of traditional games while expanding the reach of Web3 to mainstream gamers.

What is the Genesis Testing Metrics?

Our Genesis Testing phase has been a significant success, with the platform processing over 2.4 million on-chain transactions and facilitating 2.1 million instances of gaming data monetization. Additionally, this phase attracted more than 955,000 registered users, demonstrating strong engagement and robust system performance.

What is Genesis Boomer NFT ?

Genesis Boomer NFT, with 21,000 max supply, is an exclusive badge of honor for being an early supporter of GamerBoom. It grants you access to exciting future opportunities within the GamerBoom ecosystem. Contract: https://lineascan.build/token/0x6CD20be8914A9Be48f2a35E56354490B80522856

What is GPT?

GPT(Gamer Points for Testing) rewards your participation in genesis testing, tracking your early support for GamerBoom. Get more points by actively testing our products and engaging with the community tasks.

What safety precautions should be taken?

Users must ensure to download our client app exclusively from the official website and avoid downloading from any unofficial sources.

Additionally, we recommend users to use the MetaMask wallet and, whenever possible, store large assets in a cold wallet that is isolated from the network.

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